Marketing through Social Networking Sites

The beauty of social networking site is it enables users to connect with other business professional and similar business interest groups by extending their reach through contact base and user generated content. You can use specific social networking site as a relationship management tools for selling your product and services to a targeted group by influencing a specific group.
Social networking involves different needs for people to connect with other like-minded individuals that can be your targeted customers.

Myspace, Flickr, Facebook, Linkedin and Reddit and many more such sites are hanging out million of visitors and users through high enough interesting content and word of mouth through the user profile pages, here are few tips that can bring you good potential through social networking.


  • Choose the social networking sites those which are prominent, well networked and that seems to be a good platform for marketing your product or services
  • Keep your page appealing and clean and concise
  • Identify the highly-targeted audience
  • Initiate communication with them but make sure that should be individual and meaningful
  • Approach them with an offer to becoming part of your network
  • Leave thoughtful and relevant comments on their pages
  • Try to be more approachable, soft, gentle, avoid crude and irrelevant comments
  • Add new useful content on your page and update it regularly
  • Use bulletin service to promote your product or service by giving lucrative offers to the specific networking sites members
  • Visitors reaching to a social networking sites through direct navigation, word of mouth and bookmarking sites so share your profile links to others, use bookmarking sites such as, netvouz etc. Make sure that your content should be of high enough interest, quality, and value so that people can also linkbait it. Social networking sites need regular monitoring and networking hence it must be nurtured to make it worthwhile to develop business relationship with users through effective promotion.

    List of highly recommended social networking sites.

    1. Digg
    3. MySpace
    4. Flickr
    5. Reddit
    6. Newsvine
    7. Youtube
    8. Technorati
    9. Wikipedia
    10. Feedburner
    11. Bebo
    12. StumbleUpon
    13. LinkedIn
    14. Squidoo
    15. Wikihow
    16. Shoutlife
    17. Frappr
    18. Furl
    19. Netscape
    20. Fark
    21. Shoutwire
    22. Facebook
    23. reddit
    24. Jotspot
    25. BlinkList
    26. Yahoo! 360
    27. Yahoo! Answers

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